Wanted Dread & Alive

1. Coming in Hot
2. Nothing But Love
3. Reggaemylitis
4. The Poor Man Feel It
5. Cold Blood
6. Wanted Dread & Alive
7. Rastafari Is
8. What they will do
9. Fools Die

Coming In Hot (haut de page)

Coming In Hot
Firin' some shot
Coming in red hot
It's a musical shot

I just clean up me nuzzle
I just load me barrel
And I cock me hammer
Cause I'm gonna pull my trigger


One minute after dozing
I thought that I was a blazing
My blood it was a boiling
It was amazing


Next day it went higher
Whole a me catch a fire
I couldn't take it no longer
I haffe chokin' on some cold ice water


I got up the other day
My heat it never went away
103 on the hour
I had to head for the shower



Nothing But Love (haut de page)

Mash it up now
That's exactly what we gonna do
Make it good

You are so beautiful
You are so wonderful
And you can make your dreams
Make them come true

You get through everything
And cast a laugh and sing
You can do anything
That you want to


You bring the sunshine when it's dark
With nothing but love sweet love
And make me smile and say it's fine
When I haven't got a dime
Love, true love
And when things are going wrong
We can fix it with a song
I know we can now

We gonna do it

You don't need expensive furs
You don't need no diamonds and pearls
You don't need that witchcraft world
To make your dreams come true

You don't need no Cadillac car
You don't have to be no movie star
Just what you are
And I know that you make it through


You are the essence of
Everything I love
Oh baby oh baby

It's a positive vibration
Going in circulation
We gonna give it to the nation
Through this evaporation

I feel it deep, deep down inside


Reggaemylitis (haut de page)

Woke up this morning
With a funny funny feelin'
And that feelin'
Was an unusual feelin'

Inna my bone yeah
It inna my blood
Inna my toes
Coming up to my brain

Went to the doctor
To check out what's matter
I Went to the doctor
To find out the matter

Doctor said son
You have a Reggaemylitis
I said,"What"
Doctor said son
You have a Reggaemylitis

Is it contagious
Is it outrageous
Is it vicious
Or is it dangerous

Inna mi bones
Inna me blood
From my toes
Up to my brain

I can feel it inna my bones
Inna my ankle
From my toes
Up to my brain

Is it incurable
It's fit for desirable
It isn't curable
Fit for desirable

I have it inna my toes
Inna my ankles
Inna my knees
Up to my waist

Under mi ribs
Across mi shoulder
Inna mi finger
Up to my brain

Reggaemylitis I say...
You only catch it one way
It's reggaemylitis I say

Sometimes your temperature
It really gets higher
And the music
Sets your soul on fire

Got it inna my toes
Inna my knees
Inna my ankles
Inna my waist
Inna my heart
Inna my soul
Inna my mind
Come through my mouth
Inna my finger
Registered in my brain


The Poor Man Feel It (haut de page)

Gotta find a solution to this pollution(4x)
The poor man a feel it(4x)

Gas gone up
Bus fare gone up
The rent gone up
For meal gone up?
Lighting gone up
The tax gone up
Car parts gone up
And mi can't take the first law


Time gone up
Scallion gone up
Onion gone up
Red beans gone up
Black pepper gone up
Chicken gone up
And the parents them angry
Cause the pickney them hungry



Cold Blood (haut de page)

Every time I see Babylon my blood runs cold
Every time I see the wicked men my belly moves

You say after me sir
I solemnly swear
That the evidence I shall give
Shall be the truth
The whole truth
And nothin but the truth

So help me God
So help I Jah(3x)..Rastafari
Every time I see the wicked men my belly moves

You are brought before this court
For having ganja in your possession
Guilty or not guilty
Not guilty your honor

How could one man do such a thing...Gang Jah
It is totally impossible your honor

I can remember yeah
When I was framed and jailed, brutalized
The grudge would find me guilty
For an exhibit they could not find

Every time I see Babylon my blood runs cold
Every time I see the wicked men my belly moves

When I see the condition
I said it's a curse
For the past 400 years ago
Things get from bad to worse

Every time I see Babylon my blood runs cold
Every time I see the wicked men my belly moves


Wanted Dread & Alive (haut de page)

Said I'm wanted, dread & alive
By the evil forces
Said I'm wanted, dread & alive
Nowhere to hide
They are trying to find me

Babylon charge I for ganja
Which I know couldn't do
How could one man Gang Jah
Must be an ape from the zoo


I've been accused for a shootin'
Which I know never do
Who dem in prison that willing dey
So I've got to pull my way through


Yesterday was court day
And I-Man forget to go
Today my name is in my papers
And next warrant they will show


Now I've got to
Judge two guns
To protect myself from men
'Cause I've never done nothin' wrong
And I hate traveling scared



Rastafari Is (haut de page)

Rastafari Is
Lord of lords and savior

He's the mighty
Mighty one
Thunder rebel
Thunder rebel one


He's the omnipotent
Omnipotent one
Magnificent, super
Magnificent one


You better worship
Worship him
You better praise,
Praise him


What they will do (haut de page)

That's what your friends will do
That's what they will do

They will come with great pretense
To gain your confidence
They'll take you round the bend
And fry you in the end


They will look right inna you eyes
And tell you the wickedest lies
Make you promises
But never accomplishes


They will dress up inna you clothes
And punch you inna you nose
Dress up inna you shoes
And still carry false news


They will know that you in jail
And never try to get you bail
And know that you in trouble
And try to make it double


They will steal you only goat
And then them cutting throat
If you ever robbed
Woulda come back for you car


Fools Die (haut de page)

The lips of the righteous teaches many
But fools die for want of wisdom
The rich man's wealth is in the city

Vexation of the soul is vanity
Destruction of the poor is their poverty
The poor man's wealth is in a holy, holy place

Why do you fight eachother
Why do you kill your brother
Then your reward will be the cemetery

We got to build a better nation
Clean up, clean up Jah creation
Or there will be no future for you, you and me

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